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"We are committed to providing the highest quality racing products....
our customers deserve no less! Thank you for your support."
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BSR Racing is the leader in tire technology. It has always been that way. With over 34 National and World titles, the competition can not argue with such results. BSR has always taken pride in the crafting of their products and fully guarantees their tires from any manufacturing defect!

New 3001 Technology - Our most improved and fastest radial tire ever, the 3001 Factory Pro, uses an improved molding technique and a new foam body to produce a tire that is far superior to any other radial tire. The new center seam molding process provides a tire that is concentric and requires very little balancing.

2001 Technology - BSR 2001 NAS Wheel is the lightest and strongest wheel in todays market! By using updated molding technology, this new wheel is truer, offers less flex without the brittle tendencies of other wheels.

Three-time World Champion Tony Neisinger, ROAR and NORRCA National Champion Richie King, 1999 ROAR Carpet Oval and Paved Oval National Champion Chris Smith and 1999 NORRCA Paved Oval National Champion Gary Hamilton, run only BSR tires.


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BSR is under new ownership! John Foister has purchased BSR Racing Tires and has reaffirmed BSR's commitment to excellence. Keep coming back to the web site to keep updated on the new and exciting changes happening at BSR!

Foam tires and Capped tires for touring cars, 1/12th, and 1/10th cars.





BSR offers pan car tires in both radial and foam applications. Only BSR can offer the racer 7 radial compounds and 10 foam compounds to ensure a precisely tuned racecar. All compounds are adjusted for less resistance with new technology developed by BSR engineering and on-track race testing.

BSR Full Line Distributors

AAA Model Supply
5237 HWY 126
Blountville, TN 37617

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