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3001 Factory ProLite Radial Tires (1/10 Scale)
These tires are great on small oval tracks where the tires are not subjected to high temperatures. BSR’s 3001 Factory ProLite Radials are the lightest radial tire in its class.

FRONTS — $23.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2001 B2010 B2019 B2028 B2037 B2046 B2055
2.440" (S) B2002 B2011 B2020 B2029 B2038 B2047 B2056
2.375" (L) B2003 B2012 B2021 B2030 B2039 B2048 B2057
REARS — $25.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2004 B2013 B2022 B2031 B2040 B2049 B2058
2.440" (S) B2005 B2014 B2023 B2032 B2041 B2050 B2059
2.375" (L) B2006 B2015 B2024 B2033 B2042 B2051 B2060
NARROW REARS — $25.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2007 B2016 B2025 B2034 B2043 B2052 B2061
2.440" (S) B2008 B2017 B2026 B2035 B2044 B2053 B2062
2.375" (L) B2009 B2018 B2027 B2036 B2045 B2054 B2063

3001 Factory ProLite Radial Tires (1/12 Scale)
These tires are the 1/12th scale version of our 3001 Factory Pro Radials. They come in all seven compounds, however only two stagger sizes are available. These 1/12th Scale Radials are mounted on the latest style wheel including the three-hole style rear rims.

FRONTS — $21.95 ea.
2.025" (S) B2301 B2305 B2309 B2313 B2317 B2321 B2325
1.990" (L) B2302 B2306 B2310 B2314 B2318 B2322 B2326
REARS — $23.95 ea.
2.025" (S) B2303 B2307 B2311 B2315 B2319 B2323 B2327
1.990" (L) B2304 B2308 B2312 B2316 B2320 B2324 B2328

3001 Factory Pro NET Radial Tires (1/10 Scale)
These long lasting tires are designed for faster and larger tracks. BSR’s Net tires are designed and manufactured with BSR’s own Kevlar Net lining technology. This exclusive design prevents the tire from ballooning out at high speeds when the tire keeps its temperature. (Racer tip - Net tires tend to grip a little less than the Pro lites. Team drivers prefer to run Net tires on the right side of the car and Pro lites on the left side. If the car has too much bite, drivers will install Net tires on all four to free up the car.).

FRONTS - $27.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2101 B2110 B2119 B2128 B2137 B2146 B2155
2.440" (S) B2102 B2111 B2120 B2129 B2138 B2147 B2156
2.375" (L) B2103 B2112 B2121 B2130 B2139 B2148 B2157
REARS — $29.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2104 B2113 B2122 B2131 B2140 B2149 B2158
2.440" (S) B2105 B2114 B2123 B2132 B2141 B2150 B2159
2.375" (L) B2106 B2115 B2124 B2133 B2142 B2151 B2160
NARROW-REARS — $29.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2107 B2116 B2125 B2134 B2143 B2152 B2161
2.440" (S) B2108 B2117 B2126 B2135 B2144 B2153 B2162
2.375" (L) B2109 B2118 B2127 B2136 B2145 B2154 B2163

1/12th Scale NET’s
BSR has responded to our racer's demands and are now offering our Kevlar Net technology in our 1/12th-scale radial tires. (S: Standard, L: Left).

FRONTS — $25.95 ea.
2.025" (S) B2331 B2335 B2339 B2343 B2347 B2351 B2355
1.990" (L) B2332 B2336 B2340 B2344 B2348 B2352 B2356
REARS — $27.95 ea.
2.025" (S) B2333 B2337 B2341 B2345 B2349 B2353 B2357
1.990" (L) B2334 B2338 B2342 B2346 B2350 B2354 B2358

EHW NET Radial Tires (1/10 Scale)
EHW (Extremely Hot Weather) tires are designed for fast high-banked tracks where controlling tire temperature is a constant factor like velodromes. These tires are constructed with a harder foam base and are preferred by gas car drivers because of their durability. (R: Right, S: Standard, L: Left).

FRONTS - $25.95 ea.

2.500" (R) B2201 B2210 B2219 B2228 B2237 B2246 B2255
2.440" (S) B2202 B2211 B2220 B2229 B2238 B2247 B2256
2.375" (L) B2203 B2212 B2221 B2230 B2239 B2248 B2257
REARS — $27.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2204 B2213 B2222 B2231 B2240 B2249 B2258
2.440" (S) B2205 B2214 B2223 B2232 B2241 B2250 B2259
2.375" (L) B2206 B2215 B2224 B2233 B2242 B2251 B2260
NARROW-REARS — $27.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2207 B2216 B2225 B2234 B2243 B2252 B2261
2.440" (S) B2208 B2217 B2226 B2235 B2244 B2253 B2262
2.375" (L) B2209 B2218 B2227 B2236 B2245 B2254 B2263

SPEC Radial Tires
BSR's Spec radial tires are used exclusively for SPEC racing. They are mounted on BSR's 2001 NAS wheel and are available only in Standard (S) size and 1 compound.

STAGGER FRONTS — $22.95 ea. REARS — Wide: $24.95 - Narrow: $22.95
2.440" B2329 B2330 - Wide B2400 - Narrow



Only the very best rubber compounds are used in BSR Radial tires. These tires are long lasting while ensuring optimum performance. No other tire manufacturer offers as many different compounds as BSR can. All compounds are temperature rated, from Red being the softest to Orange being the hardest.

Red: Softest compound, recommended for low bank or low traction concrete and asphalt tracks. (Racer tip - using red compound tires on the inside of your oval car will give you optimum cornering speed).
Green: Medium compound, recommended for most concrete and asphalt tracks.
Blue: Medium compound, recommended for most concrete and asphalt tracks (this compound is a little harder than green).
Gold: Medium/hard compound, recommended for low bite concrete tracks.
Pink: Medium/harder compound, recommended for larger medium bite concrete tracks
Silver: Hard compound, works well on high bite concrete tracks.
Orange: Very hard compound, recommended for extremely high bite concrete tracks. This compound is a low traction tire. (Racer tip - using an orange on the right front will calm and settle a car that has too much oversteer).

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