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BSR 3001 Factory Pro EHW Radial Tires
EHW (Extremely Hot Weather) tires are designed for fast high-banked tracks where controlling tire temperature is a constant factor – like Velodromes. These tires are constructed with a harder foam base and are preferred by gas car drivers because of their durability. (R: Right, S: Standard, L: Left).

FRONTS — $25.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2201 B2210 B2219 B2228 B2237 B2246 B2255
2.440" (S) B2202 B2211 B2220 B2229 B2238 B2247 B2256
2.375" (L) B2203 B2212 B2221 B2230 B2239 B2248 B2257
REARS — $27.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2204 B2213 B2222 B2231 B2240 B2249 B2258
2.440" (S) B2205 B2214 B2223 B2232 B2241 B2250 B2259
2.375" (L) B2206 B2215 B2224 B2233 B2242 B2251 B2260
NARROW-REARS — $27.95 ea.
2.500" (R) B2207 B2216 B2225 B2234 B2243 B2252 B2261
2.440" (S) B2208 B2217 B2226 B2235 B2244 B2253 B2262
2.375" (L) B2209 B2218 B2227 B2236 B2245 B2254 B2263


BSR SPEC Radial Tires
BSR's Spec radial tires are used exclusively for SPEC CLASS racing. They are mounted on BSR's   2001 NAS wheels and are available only in Standard (S) size and 1 compound.

1/10th Scale SPEC FRONTS $39.95 pr 1/10th Scale SPEC REARS $41.95 pr
Stagger Spec Compound Stagger Spec Compound
2.440 (S) B2329 2.440 (S) B2330
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