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These tires are designed for racing diehards. When racers speak, BSR listens! We have developed a Touring tire that meets and exceeds the demands of competitive racing conditions. Look for this tire in the winner’s circle! BSR engineers have developed an exclusive one-piece foam insert that is available in 3 compounds (soft, medium and hard)

BSR now offers a Low Profile version of our winning Touring Tire. Developed by BSR’s engineers, the low profile improves handling characteristics. These new Touring tires are made with the highest quality rubber compounds to provide maximum traction and handling with superior durability. BSR’s "Racing Touring Tire" is available in 4 compounds and our "Low Profile" Touring Tire is available in 3 compounds. BSR also offers Touring tires constructed from our championship line of foam compounds. Either mounted and trued or in RuffCut foam donuts.

Capped "Low Profile" Touring Tire (pr)
Part No. Description


B-9730 Red compound $23.95
B-9731 Green compound $23.95
B-9732 Blue compound $23.95
B-9733 Gold compound $23.95
B-9734 Red NET compound $27.95
B-9735 Green NET compound $27.95
B-9736 Blue NET compound $27.95
B-9737 Gold NET compound $27.95
Touring Tire Molded Inserts
B-9706 Touring tire inserts SOFT $ 5.75
B-9707 Touring tire inserts MEDIUM $ 5.75
B-9708 Touring tire inserts HARD $ 5.75

Racing Touring Tire (Rubber Compounds)
Part No. Description


B-9701R Red, soft compound $12.75
B-9702R Green, med/soft compound $12.75
B-9703R Blue, medium compound $12.75
B-9704R Gold, hard compound $12.75
Only BSR can offer our Touring Car foam tires with our exclusive "No Center Seam" technology. Whether you choose mounted foams or RuffCut donuts, your assured of the fastest foam tires available.

Touring Car Mounted Foams - 24mm wide

Part No. Description S.R.P
B2486 Yellow, mounted $ 15.75 pr
B2487 Green, mounted $ 15.75 pr
B2488 Blue, mounted $ 15.75 pr
B2488-HB Hard Blue, mounted $ 16.75 pr
B2490 Orange, mounted $ 16.75 pr
B2491 Pink, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2492 Gray, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2493 Purple, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2493-HP Hard Purple, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2494 Red, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2495 White, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2496 Black, mounted $ 27.85 pr
B2496-HB Hard Black, mounted $ 23.75 pr
Touring car RUF Cut Foam Dounts
Part No. Description S.R.P
B2990 Yellow, donut $ 6.75 pr
B2991 Green, donut $ 6.75 pr
B2992 Blue, donut $ 6.75 pr
B2992-HB Hard Blue, donut $ 7.75 pr
B2994 Orange, donut $ 7.75 pr
B2995 Pink, donut $21.75 pr
B2996 Gray, donut $21.75 pr
B2997 Purple, donut $21.75 pr
B2997-HP Hard Purple, donut $21.75 pr
B2998 Red, donut $21.75 pr
B2999 White, donut $21.75 pr
B3000 Black, donut $21.75 pr
B3000-HB Hard Black, donut $21.75 pr
Touring Car Mounted Foams - 26mm wide
Part No. Description S.R.P
B3486 YELLOW mounted $ 15.75 pr
B3487 GREEN mounted $ 15.75 pr
B3488 BLUE mounted $ 15.75 pr
B3488-HB Hard Blue, mounted $ 16.75 pr
B3490 Orange, mounted $ 16.75 pr
B3491 Pink, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3492 Gray, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3493 Purple, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3493-HP Hard Purple, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3494 Red, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3495 White, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3496 Black, mounted $ 23.75 pr
B3496-HB Hard Black, mounted $ 23.75 pr

Capped Low Profile Touring Tires
Part No. Description S.R.P
B-9730 Red Compound (pr) $39.95
B-9731 Green Compound (pr) $39.95
B-9732 Blue Compound (pr) $39.95
B-9733 Gold Compound (pr) $39.95
B-9734 Red NET Compound (pr) $42.95
B-9735 Green NET Compound (pr) $42.95
B-9736 Blue NET Compound (pr) $42.95
B-9737 Gold NET Compound (pr) $42.95
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